Texas Knife Laws – 2018 Update

Texas Knife Laws – A Summary of the 2017 Legislative Changes On September 1, 2017, adults and minors can carry knives with a blade length less than 5.5 inches anywhere in the state of Texas. Adults can carry knives with a blade length over 5.5 inches anywhere in the state of Texas, unless it is [...]

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Bump Stocks – Current Laws and Regulations

Over the past few weeks, the term “bump stock” has unfortunately become ubiquitous with the intersection of firearms legislation and the tragedy in Las Vegas.  With regulation currently on the minds of both sides of the political aisle, I believe it’s worth taking the time to look back at how past administrations handled devices similar [...]

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Estate Planning for Newlyweds: 5 Important Tips

ESTATE PLANNING FOR NEWLYWEDS Estate planning for newlyweds is typically the last thing a couple thinks about after the ink dries on a marriage license, but it is important aspect to consider as the couple begins their lives together.  Although this article might seem directed at young, first-time married couples, these five considerations can be [...]

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