Deadly Force Against Animals in Texas

The State of Texas does not have a general self-defense, use of force, or defense of others statute pertaining to animals. However, Texas does have statutes governing conduct against specific “dangerous wild animals” and justifications for protection of domestic animals, crops, and/or livestock. But, Texas does not have an explicit statute that justifies the use [...]

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Texas Ladybird Deeds and Property Descriptions Transcript: Hi, I'm Jean Fair with the Fair Law Group. And, today, I'll be talking about one of the major perils of using online forms for your legal documents: the legal property description. If you've done any amount of research on the Texas ladybird deed or other means of transferring real property, you've [...]

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Texas Estate Planning and Firearms – Part One Transcript: Hi, Internet land. Welcome to another episode of Protect Your Ass(ets). I'm attorney Jean Fair with the law office of Fair and Fair PLLC in the great state of Texas. Today, I'm kicking off a short series of videos dealing with the particular challenges involved in handling firearms in an estate planning [...]

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Texas Ladybird Deed Overview Texas Ladybird Deed Cost $249 Flat Fee This includes drafting, subsequent consultation, instructions, and any needed revisions.  The client is responsible for filing costs at their respective county clerk’s office.  Filing costs are generally between $25 and $35. We serve the entire state of Texas for these types of deeds and can typically [...]

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