Deadly Force Against Animals in Texas

The State of Texas does not have a general self-defense, use of force, or defense of others statute pertaining to animals. However, Texas does have statutes governing conduct against specific “dangerous wild animals” and justifications for protection of domestic animals, crops, and/or livestock. But, Texas does not have an explicit statute that justifies the use [...]

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Texas Open Carry Laws: Failure to ID (Part 2)

A question our office routinely encounters regarding Texas Open Carry laws is whether a Texas License to Carry (LTC) holder is legally required to present their LTC upon request by law enforcement or a magistrate.  The answer, though definitive, is complex with legislative history and potential legal pitfalls, especially since Texas Open Carry laws took [...]

Texas Failure to ID Laws (Part 1)

Introduction Within the past four or five years, there has been an alarming number of instances where citizens come into contact with police officers that leads to arrests based on misinformation regarding Texas failure to ID statutes. More surprising is the lack of training for law enforcement officers on the specific instances in which they [...]

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