Deadly Force Against Animals in Texas

The State of Texas does not have a general self-defense, use of force, or defense of others statute pertaining to animals. However, Texas does have statutes governing conduct against specific “dangerous wild animals” and justifications for protection of domestic animals, crops, and/or livestock. But, Texas does not have an explicit statute that justifies the use [...]

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Texas Estate Planning and Firearms – Part One Transcript: Hi, Internet land. Welcome to another episode of Protect Your Ass(ets). I'm attorney Jean Fair with the law office of Fair and Fair PLLC in the great state of Texas. Today, I'm kicking off a short series of videos dealing with the particular challenges involved in handling firearms in an estate planning [...]

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Warning Shots and Deadly Force in Texas

Are Warning Shots Defined in the Texas Penal Code? Similar to the definition of “force,” if you’re looking for a definition of “warning shot(s)” in the Texas Penal Code, you won't find it.  For most that study Texas gun law, the lack of a "warning shot" definition should immediately signal that this type of scenario [...]

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FFL Employers and Background Checks

One typical question that comes up during an FFL compliance visit is how does the company determine if an employee should be in active or constructive possession of firearms for business purposes.  In general, if you're an FFL and have employees, you should have written policies in place, a background check process in place, frequent [...]

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Inheriting Firearms and Legal Issues Involved

An Introduction to Inheriting Firearms Leaving firearms to your loved ones, inheriting them, or managing them as an administrator of an estate all present unique legal issues.  Many of the legal issues and complications that plague the devising or inheritance of firearms stem from the multiplicity of laws involved the process.  Texas has laws governing [...]

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Considerations for a Texas Church Volunteer Safety Team

The following points are items that we would recommend all church organizations that want to implement a volunteer safety team (pursuant to Texas Occupations Code § 1702.333) consider before doing so.  Once your organization has answered these and any other questions that come up in the creation of your team, we recommend that all policies [...]

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Bump Stocks – Current Laws and Regulations

Over the past few weeks, the term “bump stock” has unfortunately become ubiquitous with the intersection of firearms legislation and the tragedy in Las Vegas.  With regulation currently on the minds of both sides of the political aisle, I believe it’s worth taking the time to look back at how past administrations handled devices similar [...]

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Texas Concealed Carry in Church: When and Where Can You Carry?

Brief Description and Statutes Due to the manner in which Section 46.035 of the Texas Penal Code was written, especially in regard to the listed places in Section 46.035(b), much confusion has resulted as to whether Texas concealed carry in church is permissible.  Contrary to popular belief, churches and places of worship are not listed under Section [...]

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Understanding Texas Handgun Signs

Texas Open Carry, or the right of an individual with a properly issued license to carry a handgun in plain view in public places, so long as it is carried in a shoulder or belt holster (see Texas Penal Code § 46.035), took effect January 1, 2016. Under current Texas law, a License to Carry [...]

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