Effective Texas Gun Trust Planning for Central Texans

At Fair and Fair, PLLC, our attorneys provide comprehensive planning for clients who wish to protect their Class 3 items or other pieces in their firearms collection in a customized revocable trust commonly known as a “NFA Trust,” or a Texas Gun Trust.

While there are various options in which you can purchase an NFA trust, potential buyers should be cautioned against a “one-size-fits-all” approach, as many of the discounted gun trusts sold by internet form companies and gun shops are not a viable substitute for competent legal advice and is generally considered unauthorized practice of law in Texas.  Based on our experience giving speeches regarding Second Amendment rights and the NFA throughout the state, we have seen several gun shops that

Additionally, many so-called “gun trust lawyers” who offer deeply discounted rates by simply promulgating forms without taking the time to speak with you for at least 30 to 45 minutes regarding your goals for the construction of a gun trust should also avoided.  Like any other estate planning device you create, you should know why certain provisions are in the device, and if you hire an attorney to draft your documents, you should feel comfortable asking him or her to explain anything in the document.

During consultations, our attorneys focus on getting to know clients in order to better analyze their particular situation and open dialogue to ensure our clients feel comfortable asking any questions they may have regarding the estate planning process.  This allows us to thoroughly develop estate planning strategies that work best for your particular situation.  We enjoy working with fellow Texans to navigate through the often confusing and complex aspects of the estate planning process.  

Our firm is located in Waco, but we serve clients throughout McLennan County, Bell County, Brazos County, and the surrounding counties in the Central Texas area. Additionally, we also offer estate planning services online to better assist clients throughout the state of Texas with their estate planning needs.