Tips for Researching State Gun Laws When Traveling Out of State

If you are planning a trip out of state with your firearm, it is important to conduct research on applicable state gun laws in each state you are driving through, along with the state you will be spending time in.  While these following points are not an exhaustive list of factors to consider when traveling out of state with your gun, these should get you thinking about statutory requirements and common scenarios you may encounter while traveling.

  1. Does the state have a reciprocity agreement with Texas?
  2. Do you need a non-resident permit to carry a weapon in the state in which you are traveling?
  3. Does the state have any caliber, barrel size, or restrictions on the type of gun you are carrying?
  4. Do “No Gun” signs have the force of law in the state in which you are traveling?
  5. Does the state have specific gun storage laws and/or requirements when parked in a public parking lot?
  6. Does the state have a “Castle Doctrine” statute regarding unlicensed carry of a weapon in a vehicle?
  7. How does the state define “firearm-free” or “gun-free” zones around public and private education facilities?
  8. Where are the places that the state statutorily restricts gun possession and carry?
  9. Are you required by statute to inform a police officer upon contact regarding your possession of a gun and/or your license to carry permit?
  10. Does the state in which you are traveling have open carry statutes?
  11. What are the state’s conditions and requirements for concealed carry?
  12. Does the state or city in which you are staying have specific statutes or ordinances regarding transportation of a firearm to a hotel room?

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